Ruy Klein is an

experimental design practice.

We do projects at the

intersection of architecture,

nature, and technology.

We design buildings,

landscapes, and machines.

We research and teach.

Other Places, 2022

Ruy Klein is directed by David Ruy and Karel Klein. Since 2000, Ruy Klein 

has been focused on the changing nature of architecture relative to three 

important historical events: the movement towards the digitization and 

virtualization of everything possible, culminating now with the AI revolution;

the emergence of international finance and the unanticipated effects of the

giant pool of International capital; a global awareness of ecological peril

and the growing obsolescence of a modernist concept of nature. In short,

our intuition from the beginning has been that somewhere between the

computer, the bank, and the forest might be a new architecture. During

these years, we have seen the complete digitalization of how the architect

works. We have seen the breakdown of established service-oriented

business models, but also (the still unappreciated) emergence of strange

new ways of financializing architecture. Though we have seen some

important research in the development of sustainable materials and energy,

nature oddly remains, for most, nothing more than that thing we stare at

through the windows of our buildings. Our projects, essays, and academic

design research have targeted disciplinary problems at the confluence of

these considerations and asks what it means to be an architect in the

twenty-first century. 

We are currently investigating the possibilities (and dangers) of 

generative AI and developing synthetic concepts of ecological design. 

Bioprinter, 2013

David Ruy is an architect, theorist, and director of Ruy Klein. An internationally recognized

leader in contemporary architectural theory, David has lectured and written extensively

on a range topics impacting the discipline and practice of architecture today. David received

his M Arch degree from Columbia University and his BA degree from St. John’s College

where he studied philosophy and mathematics. David is currentlychair of postgraduate studies

at SCI-Arc.

Karel Klein is an architect, artist, and director of Ruy Klein. Investigating craft, precision, and

the evolution of design expertise in the digital age, Karel foregrounds the persistence of the

designer in contemporary culture. She is currently researching the correspondences between

Surrealism and Generative AI. She received her M Arch degree from Columbia University and

also holds a BS degree in civil engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Karel teaches design studios at SCI-Arc.